10th BAPA Foodpro International Expo 2024

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November, 2024

International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Print Tech

Digital printing is transforming packaging by providing custom variations that give products on- shelf distinctions. Packaging substrates such as cartons, labels and corrugated boxes have provided the eye-catching commercialization to draw positive impact on consumers. One of the ongoing trend in the igital printing packaging market are custom caps which opens up colorful choices for brand owners, which in turn making a positive impact with the consumers. Printing and packaging technology is a special branch of engineering which deals with the printing technology and followed by the packaging of the content in order to make it presentable and attractive.

The other aim of the packaging industry is to enable the finished and packaged product to be transported and stored in a convenient manner. Packaging engineering is a broad field design conceptualization to product placement. All steps along the manufacturing process, and more, must be taken into account in the design of the package for any given product. Printing on the other hand is the process which reproduces text and images typically with ink on paper or other materials using a printing press. Printing and packaging technology is a combined discipline which enables the students to learn the various techniques of printing and packaging.

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