About The show
We will say that FoodPro serves the whole food & drink manufacturing, processing and logistic industry. And that will be true as well. But, first and foremost, FoodPro will serve you. Our format is designed to attract your ideal buyers-and help them find their way to you.
Our interactive events, discussions, demonstrations and debates will attract visitors eager to find products insights and intelligence that will keep them at the top of their game. Supported by industry associations from each of our key sectors and editors from leading trade press publications, we'll create a compelling programme that complements your exhibition activities. There'll be something for everyone, of course, but well include 'moments of focus' with events designed to attract particular sector specific audiences-so that you can plan your activities accordingly.
And we'll be keen to you explore your ideas your own on-stand event, activities and promotions, advising you on the best possible timing and promoting your activities to our visitors audience. Just speak to our marketing team.

Exhibit Area and Cost:
Sow your seed now! Reserve a prominent location. A special concession of 10% on participation fees for booking before 1st May 2016
Free facilities for PREFABRICATED booth

  1. Fascia due to requirement
  2. 2 florescent lights
  3. 1 Information desk
  4. 2 Chairs
  5. 1 waste basket
  6. Listing company info in Expo directory as
    well as Expo website
  7. 1 unit of 5 amp per 220 V single phase

Raw Spaces only
** The exhibitors who take raw space will get the facility of listing company info in expo directory and in expo website only.

Our Esteemed Clients

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